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It is obvious that our Public Schools have headed in the wrong direction. Traditional learning has been abandoned for progressive learning that is littered with indoctrination and political bias. Cancel culture and history as well as promoting equity not equality seem to be the theme. Students are taught what to think and not how to think.                                                                                                                    


The misconception that the school Superintendent and the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) can dictate curriculum and materials over the Elected School Board needs to be reversed. Board members after hearing their constituents’ voices have the power and say to choose wholesome productive curriculum over common core, CRT (SEL) which is very unproductive. The School System and MSDE portray common core and other curriculum as a success in the illusion of statistics, programs, fluff and funding while our students are sold out, not being equipped with essential fundamentals to be successful or college ready. In fact, many students leaving Worcester County Public Schools and entering college are not prepared and require remedial training in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics at an alarming percentage, according to data from Wor-Wic Tech Community College. Students are not equipped in financial literacy leading to money struggles early on and this should be included in graduation requirements.          


I am running for Worcester County School Board to give Parents, Citizens and Teachers a voice in what curriculum is being taught in our public schools by cultivating inclusion, parental participation and educator's input. I will always fight for parent choice over forced curriculum or mask and vax mandates.


To return Worcester County Public Schools to Traditional Learning of Core subjects i.e., English, Math, Reading, Writing, Civics, Ethics and Unchanged American History. Each Student should be taught how to think and not what to think, uninfluenced by political and personal bias. To remove Common Core, indoctrination from the curriculum and other fillers so Teachers would have more time and energy to teach core subjects. We will also cultivate more parental choice and inclusion into school curriculum.                       

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© 2022 Authority: Citizens for John Abbott - Jennifer Gleason, Treasurer

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