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As a parent of two Pocomoke High School graduates, I have experienced the changes within Worcester County Public Schools that have degraded its Educational System considerably. At the introduction of Common Core, ours and other parent’s voices fell on deaf ears and were forced to “accept it and like it”. Today with introduction of more harmful curriculums like CRT, (SEL -social emotional learning) and obscene materials available in school libraries, I have decided to take a stand and run for Worcester County School Board District 1. I recognize a great disconnect between the School Board and Citizens and would like to bridge that Gap. 


I am an Engineering Technician III employed at NASA Wallops Flight Facility for the last 13 years and have received numerous awards of achievement over the course of my career there. I have enjoyed working with Youth since adulthood and was assistant youth leader for two youth groups and youth leader for one other. My wife and I have been actively involved with the Worcester County Public School System for the past 17 years. We have attended and been vocal at PTA meetings as well as School Board meetings. We have addressed many of the harmful issues with no resolve.                                                               


My wife and I are founders of the non-profit, non-partisan groups Worcester Backs the Blue, United for Freedom MD and are Members of the Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition.

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"John Abbott is a strong advocate for the civil liberties of parents and children, and a contender for restoring quality education. He supports the return to classic core subjects without political influence or interference. He genuinely understands all aspects of education, promotes vocational tech, and knows that we have to provide nothing short of the best for all of our students as they're our future." - Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition

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